movie drinking games

5 Best Movie Drinking Games

There are a ton of great movie drinking games out there, but these are my personal favorite. Movie drinking games are perfect for spending time with a few friends a little bit of liquor. It’s very low key, but still fun. Overall, a nice way to relax. Just drink responsibly.

marvel movie drinking game

Most Versatile- The Marvel Game

The Marvel Game is a lot of fun and you can do it with so many movies. Plus, almost everyone likes at least one Marvel movie. So, put on a Marvel movie and drink when

jurassic park movie drinking game

The Jurassic Game

Another series that a lot of people like and gives you the option to do multiple of them is the Jurrasic Park and Jurassic World series. Sit back, relax, and drink when

  • A live thing is eaten
  • The Jurassic Park logo pops up
  • When someone throws a switch
indiana jones movie drinking game

The Indy Game

The Indiana Jones series has some good movies and some that aren’t as good. However, most people like at least one (especially if they’ve had a couple of drinks already). Take a drink when

  • Indy loses his whip, hat, etc.
  • Indy gets punched
  • Indy uses his whip
star wars movie drinking game

The Star Wars Game

If you haven’t noticed, all these games are based on popular series. Please note that this only works on the best (original) trilogy. Take a drink when

  • Someone gets choked (sexy, I know)
  • An entire planet has 1 climate
  • There’s a disturbance in the force
the hangover movie drinking game

The Hangover

Another fun trilogy and exactly what you want to avoid the next morning. But, to cap off the list, take a drink when

  • They drink
  • Someone says remember
  • Alan copies Phil

Movie drinking games are great, but if you’re a fan of the classic drinking games, we have some suggestions for you. For any games though, you need to learn how to score alcohol in college and put it to practice. Now, go out there and have a good night!