dorm room essentials

Dorm room essentials (for having fun)

The only real things you need in a dorm room is toilet paper and clothes. And if you want to be a mummy, you really only need toilet paper. But, if you want to party and have fun, here are the items I have used to jazz up my dorm. Plus, they’ll all ship to you for no hassle.

  • A Futon– Definitely the most important item on this list. It provides extra seating, a place for someone to sleep if they’ve had too much. And it helps you get laid. It also doesn’t take much space and is pretty comfortable.
  • A TV– If you ever want to watch a game, a movie, etc. This purchase even pays for itself by making your dates cheaper. I recommend 40″ based on the size of most dorms. Smart TV and 4K are a plus, but optional.
  • A Speaker– A speaker really livens the party. A loud one is even better. This is one of the loudest portable speakers out there, but any decent one will do. Just don’t cheap out too much.
  • Strip Lights– Definitely the most bang for your buck on this list. For under $20, everyone that comes into your room will comment on them. And you’ll be dubbed the party room. Plus, these are so much better than the overhead lights standard in the dorm.
  • Christmas Tree– A three-foot tree for your dorm doesn’t cost much and it looks great. If you’re hosting a Christmas party or secret Santa, it’s almost a requirement.
  • A Padlock– If you’re keeping alcohol or drugs in your dorm, this is necessary. You slip up once and you’re screwed. Also helpful if you need to hide condoms from your parents, food from your roommate, or money from the friends you have over.
dorm room essentials

Yup, that’s right. Only 6 items you need to have a good time in college. Some people recommend a mini-fridge or a microwave which are both nice, but not necessary for a party. And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve linked everything with eBay because they often have better prices than Amazon. Sometimes the shipping takes longer, but it’s usually pretty comparable (super secret dorm trick).