Free Textbooks

Free Textbooks

Who wants free textbooks? Everyone. Why do textbooks have to be so damn expensive? Well, they don’t have to be. I’ve been getting my textbooks and textbooks for my friends for free for years now. Unfortunately, if you need an access code, you’re gonna have to buy it from the publisher. These are the places to get your textbooks for free.


It sounds too good to be true, but yes, if your textbook is available on Amazon for download, you can get the book for free. This method is the hardest of them all but also is more likely to have the books you’re looking for. Without further ado…

The first step is to purchase the book. Wait, Jason, I thought you said for free? You’ll get a refund on the book after you’ve downloaded it. To download the book for personal use will require a few extra steps. You’ll need a program called Calibre and to follow this tutorial.

Textbook Search Engine

Our partners over at have a search engine for free textbooks. I love their free tools and this one is very good. The only downside to it is that it uses Google which has delisted some of the better sites. That brings me to my next point

Popular Piracy websites

This includes general sites like The Pirate Bay and more specialized to books like Libgen. There are tons of other piracy sites out there, but these are the first couple I would try for textbooks. For these sites, you’ll be torrenting so if you don’t know how to torrent, you can try following a guide or using a service like to download them.

Google Dorks

No, this isn’t an insult. Google Dorking is used to find urls that match a certain characteristic. In our case (free textbooks), we want to find PDFs and EPUBs. Let’s say you wanted to find Halliday’s Fundamentals of Physics Extended 9th. Just append ‘filetype:epub OR filetype:pdf’ to your google search without the quotes. In this case, Google Halliday Fundamentals of Physics Extended 9th edition filetype:epub OR filetype:pdf