GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator

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Step 1. Current Information

Your current credit completion rate includes local and transfer credits. To compute your credit completion rate:

Refer to the image above.

Completion Rate Calculation

Total Cumulative Attempted Credits:
Total Cumulative Earned Credits:
Registered/Current Credits: (does not appear above)

This table allows you to forecast the impact of your current or upcoming semester on your academic performance. The total “No. of Credits” entered below should match the number you entered for “Registered/Current Credits” above.

CourseNo. of CreditsAnticipated
Repeat?Previous Grade

Step 1 Calculation: Your Cumulative Completion Rate =



Step 2. Semester Forecast

GPA Calculation

From the image example above.

Local Cumulative GPA Credits:
Local Cumulative GPA Points:
Local Cumulative GPA:

Step 2 Calculation:
What will be my GPA/credit completion rate after this semester?  

Semester GPA: Semester Completion Rate:
Cumulative GPA: Cumulative Completion Rate:


GPA scales can vary from college to college, but most use the standard 4.0 scale. Some people are going for a 4.0 (perfect GPA) and others are going for a 2.0 (just enough to pass). Thus, it can be hard to determine what is a good GPA in college, so we tried to answer the question for you!