How long are college classes?

How long are college classes? College classes range from 30 minutes to 4 hours. But for the most part, they’re an hour or two and labs can be two or three. And they can start between 7:30 AM or PM. Sounds miserable right? But of course, this is college, right? You can set your schedule and you don’t have to show up to every class.

In fact, in my freshman year, I took two different math courses and I showed up to about 15% of my classes (there were quizzes). And guess what, I still got A’s. Even better, I had an engineering class that had at least one pop quiz every week, but you didn’t know when you’d have a quiz. It was at 8 AM so I slept through 6 quizzes out of 16 and still got an A. The moral of the story: learn to work your classes early on.

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