coasting through classes

How to coast through your classes

A lot of people struggle in college for a variety of reasons. However, there is a way to win at college. With a few creative tricks, you can coast through your classes. These tips greatly reduce your stress and increase your happiness in college and still nets you a degree.


In our math homework help guide, we discussed several ways to learn from your homework. These tips also go across the board for getting your homework done faster and being sure you have the right answer. What’s that saying? It’s not cheating, it’s using your resources.

Seriously though, Chegg and CourseHero can have every single answer to your homework problems. Spending less time and energy on homework is definitely coasting through your classes. And yes, Chegg and CourseHero cost money, but you can save tons with this service.


It always helps to know what’s on your quizzes. Ask your friends or people who are in classes before you. Sometimes, they’re common across all classes, sometimes just across professors, and occasionally across TAs. If you get some specifics, again Chegg and CourseHero would be a great place to check. A lot of content gets recycled


Again, asking people who have taken the exam about content will help. It’s a lot easier to study 10 things that are going to be on the test instead of 100 that might me. And again, CourseHero and Chegg may be able to help here too. Also, look for past exams if your professor posts them. If they post only the exams from the current semester, you can try a web archive to look for past content.

Test Banks

A lot of frats and sororities save old tests and give them to the new classes. Even if you’re not in greek life, you can access them if you ask a member to check for you. You can also ask people in your major that you meet if they’ve taken it before, but it is a long shot. So much content gets recycled between years that if you have access to an old test, you should be able to do pretty well.

Papers and Projects

If you have the money, it may be worth considering paying someone else for a project. Don’t pay someone online (especially if it’s a programming course). Pay someone you know and trust. Look over their work to make sure it’s good and original.


Grammar checkers are so helpful when writing assignments. They do spell-check, make proof-reading faster, and improve your writing. Grammarly is a premium version that definitely has its merits and functionality, but there’s a great free grammar checker alternative that I’ve used from time to time.


I don’t necessarily condone cheating, but if you can see someone’s test, it doesn’t hurt to look. Most of the time all a different form means is questions are scrambled. Depending on how they’re scrambled, they may be in the same order, just offset by a couple of pages. If you’re struggling with a question, mark it and check your neighbor’s papers for when they get to it.

And if you’re allowed a programmable graphing calculator, I see no reason why not to. There are tutorials for how to add programs to your calculator. And you can find pre-made programs that are really the reason why dumb people passed their AP tests. Make sure you archive your programs before the test so that clearing the RAM doesn’t delete them.

Other creative ways of cheating likely won’t work unless your proctors don’t care. They’ve seen the tricks with the water bottle wrapping, writing things under your watch and moving it only when you need it, and on the inside of your hat. If you need a cheat-sheet, it’s only gonna work when your proctors don’t really care.

Are some of these ideas questionable? Yes. Are others definitely cheating? Yes. Do I recommend them all? Not necessarily. I just want y’all to be informed. Remember the risks when it comes to cheating. You could get kicked out of school at worst, but also get over a 100 on your test at best. If you’re gonna do it, do it well. All of these ideas help you coast through your classes and vibe in college.