dating in college

How to date girls in College

This one is for all you guys out there. Most guys either struggle to date girls in college or are drowning in pussy. I can take you from the former to the latter real quick. And you don’t need to change who you are or lie.


Yes, there is a huge secret to dating girls in college that most guys don’t know. And if you learn this one simple secret, you’ll be set. Alright, enough with the teasing, here it is. College girls want to date you. After high school, many families really start to crank up the pressure, most girls think they know what kind of guy they are, and everyone has plenty of free time. This creates the perfect storm for guys. As long as you’re not a douche (chivalry isn’t dead, treat a girl with respect). And you’re a pretty cool dude. So just go for it. Follow the steps below.

The Number

The start of any relationship begins with some form of communication. It could be in a class or maybe you’ve just seen her across the bar. Either way, you’ll need to use your words at some point. You don’t necessarily have to become besties, but she should know your name before you ask for her number, snap, or insta. Hell, if you live across the street from her, you can ask her to hold one end of a couple of soup cans attached by a string.

Here’s where a lot of guys struggle. They don’t know how to ask and ultimately overthink it. Remember the big secret. This is not asking her on a date; it doesn’t have to be formal, rehearsed, etc. I use the same line on every girl and it has a 100% success rate. And since I like y’all, I’ll share it with you. “Hey, can I get your number?” Word for word, it is that simple. If they say no, you weren’t going to get it by rehearsing it anyways.

Here’s a little story for ya. My roommate freshman year thought he was smooth with the ladies. However, he was not. He spent 2 months working up the courage to get the number of a girl he met in the first week of class. They went to the same church so he saw her almost every week and yet, he didn’t get her number until finals week of the first semester. He texted her a little bit over the break, but by the time he finally asked her out in January at school, she told him no. And her reason was she used to be interested in him, but he took so long to make a move that she got over it and likes a new guy. But she still wanted to be friends. FRIEND ZONED! All because he waited too long. So go out and get her number today!

The Text

The goal of getting a girl’s number is to text her and keep up a casual conversation. This is when a girl really starts to know if she likes you. If you can make her laugh, do it. If she texts you about a problem, be supportive. The number one mistake guys make is playing too aloof. If you want to date this girl, I assume you want to talk to her so why cut convos short, leave her on read for no reason, and wait hours to respond? Don’t be difficult to text. It doesn’t work well.

The first text can sometimes be awkward. If you have something in common, use it. If you’re in the same class, ask if she wants to work on the homework or study together. If you can’t come up with anything, just text “hey, this is Jason” or whatever your name is. This sometimes elicits a response, but not always, so try to think of something to start a conversation!

The Ask

If you haven’t asked a lot of girls out before, you’ll probably be nervous and that’s okay. You don’t need to do anything to fancy (it’s not a proposal), but have some balls and do it in person, look her in the eyes, and ask directly. I promise that if you do that, she’s more likely to say yes and although you might get rejected, nothing seriously bad will happen. I like to keep it short and sweet, like this section.

The Date

The first date is obviously the most important. Who would have thought that to date girls in college you’d have to date girls in college? With no first date, there is no second, third, etc. There will be some pressure and some nerves on both of you. Just stay calm and stick to your plan. By the way, have a plan. So many guys show up at her dorm and ask what she wants to eat. Show up with an idea (mini-golf, restaurant, bowling, etc.) and include a food plan in your idea. It’s okay to change the plan during the date and be spontaneous, but you shouldn’t show up unprepared.

As far as the plan goes, don’t start it with a movie. You can do dinner and a movie if dinner comes first, but you can’t talk during a movie so it doesn’t make for a great date. Pick her up. Pay for the date. Dress up a little bit unless your plan involves something that requires casual clothes (e.g. mini-golfing in the middle of a Texas summer). Play music she likes for the drive. And if you want a second date, consider going in for the kiss. Every time I’ve gotten a kiss on the first date, there’s been a second date. And don’t wait 3 days to text her after the first date.

The Rest

Every couple is different so the rest of dating girls in college is very different for every couple. But, always treat her right, talk to her if there’s a problem, be patient, and enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it, you can tell her. If you need to break up, break up. If it gets serious, then good for you. If not, start over with another girl. If y’all get physical, there are proper ways of having sex in college.