drinking safely

How to drink responsibly in college (and look cool doing it)

Safe guide to drinking alcohol
Blood Alcohol levels for men and women based on how many drinks they’ve had

This is likely the most important article I ever write. It’s a hard mix between serious and fun, but seriously, drink responsibly. I’d say about half of the people at college have never really drank before (maybe a sip or two here, but nothing heavy). So, don’t feel like you have to go crazy.

Don’t drink and drive

Seriously, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Ever. Don’t do it. Plan ahead. Either get a DD or don’t take your car to a party and Uber back. It’s not that expensive when you go in a group and share the fees. You’ll also get a few dollars off using an invite code and you’ll save even more when using freebirdrides.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure

You can have a good time at a party without doing a keg stand, chugging a wine bag, downing a fifth of vodka, etc. Basically, if you don’t want to ingest a lot of alcohol in a short period of time, you don’t have to. If someone says you’re lame just tell them you’re too far gone and haven’t eaten enough. And if you don’t want to drink at all and someone is giving you a hard time, tell them you’re the DD (designated driver) or getting over an alcoholism problem. I’ve never run into this problem, but there are some people out there that will try to force you.

Don’t overdrink

If you’re new to drinking or don’t know your tolerance, don’t try to figure out how much is way too much in one night. If you throw up, people will not like you. You will also be at risk of alcohol poisoning which sucks too. From personal experience, I can guarantee you’ll be hated if they have to take you to the hospital, you’ll pay a lot in medical costs, and you could die. Find your tolerance slowly. It’s different for everyone. Personally, mine is really high (I outdrink all of my friends even though I’m skinny), but I don’t have to try and set a personal record every night. A good buzz is a good buzz.


This one isn’t complicated. If you drink on an empty stomach, you won’t be able to hold your liquor very well. But, if you eat before drinking and while drinking, you’ll not be hungry and you can drink more safely. Often crackers and chips are at small parties, but bigger ones won’t have them.

Play drinking games

This is more about having fun than being safe, but just make sure you’re playing the right drinking games. Beer pong is low risk because beer has very little alcohol by volume. The same is true for King’s cup and any other beer game. Never have I ever is fun even when you’re sober, so playing it drunk is even better and you’re not drinking much. Avoid games like Power Hour (taking a drink every x minutes for an hour) because they aren’t any more fun than not playing and are somewhat dangerous. My recommendations on drinking games.

Apply sobriety tests

Walking in a straight line, touching your nose, simple multiplication, etc. are all fun ways to determine how drunk everyone is. Seriously, watching people try their hardest to be sober is hilarious when they fail. It helps you keep tabs on everyone (you’ll notice when someone is way too far gone and should drink some water) and it’s a ton of fun. May as well be its own drinking game.

Drink a ton (of water)

Most parties will expect you to get water out of the tap, but some will have bottles for you. I usually have to piss a ton at parties because I drink a lot and to make it safe, I drink water too. Make sure you do this. It helps avoids hangovers and is much safer.