Math Homework Help

Math Homework Help

Tons of college students need math homework help. Math involves some of the hardest subjects there are. Whether you need stats help, calculus advice, or even algebra answers, this post will discuss the best free and cheap tools to help with math homework.


Symbolab is very helpful for finding roots, solving integrals (definite and indefinite), and much, much more. Symbolab is better than just using a graphing calculator or other popular similar websites like Mathway because Symbolab will show the steps. It fosters understanding. Yes, it can be used to just cheat on your homework and get the correct answer. But, if you want math homework help, you can look at the steps to understand the problem.

Chegg and CourseHero

Chegg and CourseHero are two similar and popular student sourced study document websites. If you’re working on a tough problem, especially word problems, you can check both these sites to see if someone before you had the same problem or a similar one. The search function on these sites aren’t great, so I use this search engine for Chegg and CourseHero.

Unfortunately, both of these services cost money. Depending on how often you use them, it may be beneficial to buy a subscription. But, if you only need it a couple of times, the same website that hosts the search engine offers a huge discount. I highly recommend them as I’ve used them several times before.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is probably the most famous free study materials website. It offers guided lessons on a range of subjects and includes several maths (Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics). There are videos, practice problems, and examples. This should definitely be a go-to for math homework help.


Sometimes your textbook actually has valuable information. I know, shocking, right? If you consult your textbook and are still confused, you can try other textbooks. While textbooks are usually expensive, there are free textbooks out there, especially for general subjects.


If nothing else works, I’ll usually consult my friends. They’re in the same classes and maybe their professor explained it better. My notes are awful, so sometimes I reference their notes for my math homework help. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking friends! Everyone needs help, otherwise, you wouldn’t have to go to college.

Office Hours and TAs

Your math professor’s office hours are there entirely for the purpose of homework help on math. Take advantage of it! You can even ask your professor how to work out a homework question and they will! What could be better than that? You can also often email your TA or walk into their office hours and ask questions as well.