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Move-in Day

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I figured that my first college post for Vibe in College should be about your first real college experience: what to expect for move-in day. If this is your best day all year then either you managed to land a threesome or you didn’t have a very good year. If it’s the former, I need YOUR advice. But if you want my advice, scroll down.

My experience

I moved into my dorm freshman year with only my mom and we were coming from a relative’s house. So, it may not have started off as the typical whole family road trip, but I promise I have solid advice. For context, my mom and I have very different personalities and leads to a lot of conflicts all the time. Moving into college was no different.

My mom was very stressed, whereas I’m basically always chill. So when it came to parking, checking in, and unpacking, she had a very short fuse. By the time we got to unpacking, my patience with her had dwindled as well. I didn’t even bring that much to college- just two boxes and a suitcase for my clothes. To summarize the thirty minutes of unpacking that felt like forever, I yelled at my mom in front of my roommate for being in my way in the crowded dorm room. Did yelling help anything? Absolutely not.

Once everything was unpacked, my mom wanted to tour the dorm facilities (community kitchen, lounge areas, laundry room, etc). A little tedious, but it doesn’t hurt. And then when we ran into my new neighbors, my mom felt the need to introduce us. I just went along with it, knowing that they have moms too and would understand.

Most of my friend’s parents would stay until lunch or dinner (depending on when they finished unpacking and getting more stuff from Target), but we got there around 11 and finished with everything around 1, so I ended up not having lunch with my mom before she left. Maybe we would have if we needed to pick something up from Walmart because that place is a madhouse during college move-in. My mom was very emotional when leaving me, so goodbyes took a couple of minutes.

My Tips

  • Plan in advance. You should definitely know where you’re moving into. But also know where to park, when you’re getting there, who’s gonna help you move the stuff, etc.
  • Get there first. You’ll want to pick the side of the room, furniture arrangement, etc. It also helps things go quicker if you’re not bumping into your roommate or their family when trying to raise your bed.
  • Move in early. The more time you can spend in your new home before classes start, the better you’ll transition. Plus, you’ll wanna make new friends. Usually, colleges will have the option for you to move in a day before the official move-in day.
  • Keep calm and relax. There’s really nothing to stress out about. Everything will work out. You now have a community of people around you willing to help if you ask, but you probably won’t need anything, anyways.
  • Don’t bring too much stuff. Your stuff may be nice, but except for a few items like medicine, it’s not that essential. If you forget something, your parents can ship it, you can borrow from a friend, buy a new one, etc. I moved in with two boxes and had everything I needed. Top dorm room essentials for a good time.
  • Accept the free meal. You may be anxious for your parents to leave like I was. But, my advice is to always accept the free meal.
  • Be prepared for the tears. Your parents might cry. You might too. It’s okay. Almost everyone gets emotional.