college parties

The 3 B’s of thrilling college parties

College parties are a ton of fun, but totally different from high school parties and what you see in the movies. There are a few events people call college parties that aren’t as much fun, so beware, you may experience something different even though you were invited to a college ‘party.’

Not college parties

There are several varieties of what you may get invited to under the pretense that it is a party, however, these are not. They don’t have the components of full college parties or are watered down.

  • Game night– It’s fun with friends, may involve drinking, and might have music, but it’s not a party. It’s a get-together. But, just because it’s not a party, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.
  • Bar crawl– Although closer, still not a party. The main reason is if you do stupid shit at a bar crawl, you’re likely to be tackled, arrested, or both. Again, I still recommend you attend.
  • Greek events– Unless you’re at the frat house, and even then, there’s too much supervision and too many admins to really get away with much.
  • Tailgates– It’s essential you attend a tailgate before a game at least once, but it’s not a rager. You may hear crazy stories, but you won’t make many.



Drinks are almost a guarantee. Doesn’t matter if it’s an on-campus or off-campus college party. Someone will smuggle in a cooler, keg, flask, etc. There are a ton of fun drinking games you can play. Usually, a pong table will be set up. You can also just drink socially without having to have any games planned. But just make sure that if you’re gonna drink, drink responsibly.

Most college parties will charge a cover, usually $5, to cover drinks and maybe make them a little money. Can’t blame ’em, college students are all about that hustle. Make sure you show up with a little bit of cash for this. Depending on the party, you can probably also bring your own. Just don’t get caught with it if you’re underage, especially on campus.

Make sure you know your drinks. Vodka is 60-80 proof and burns so you’ll usually have a chaser or mix it with something. Beer, white claws, and hard cider are usually 4.5% ABV or lower, which means you can drink a lot more liquid and still not get drunk (as opposed to taking shots). Wine is in between as far as ABV goes, so be careful. You may end up drinking more at college parties than you think and be left in a bad place.


college babes

Hot girls are everywhere at college parties. They’re especially hot to you when you’ve been drinking. Real talk: beer goggles are real. But, also, girls usually show up to parties wearing revealing clothing. If a party charges a cover, girls will often get in free. Bars do the same thing and if you ever throw a party, you should too.

And because there are a lot of drunk guys and girls packed together, people often hook-up. Sometimes it’s in the bathroom, backyard, or bedroom. And if you can have sex in your dorm, even better. Wherever it is, just make sure to get consent. That includes not preying on someone because they’re inebriated. It’s better to not have sex than hurt someone.

Girls are also just fun to talk to. Not everything has to be sex. If you hit it off with a girl, get her number. Otherwise, just keep talking. Drunk girls at college parties will often share a lot about themselves which makes college parties a relatively lower stress environment to talk to girls. Drunk people have a tendency to shout, though. So be wary of how loud you are.



Barbiturates, among other drugs, are common at college parties. Usually, it’s weed or Xanax, but it can also be psilocybin, LSD, DMT, coke, etc. Don’t mix alcohol and drugs unless you’re absolutely sure that you can handle it and they’re safe. Also, don’t trust what someone is giving you just because they’re at the same party.

Getting caught with drugs can be a huge deal. Much worse than getting caught with alcohol. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your stash to a random college party, but I’m not your mother so you do you. Maybe give pre-gaming a try? If you do though, definitely do not drive to or from the college party. Drugged driving is no better than drunk driving, even if you think you’re okay.

Don’t feel pressured into doing drugs at college parties just because the other kids are. It may sound cliche, but it’s okay to say no. Maybe you prefer drinking, plan to drive, had a bad experience, etc. It’s rare that anyone will give you a hard time if you say no.


college party

College parties usually also have music, crazy people, and people you don’t know. These are also essential if you’re looking to host a good college party. These are what make the memories of those that don’t hook up or get too wasted that they’ll never remember.

Music at college parties is mostly hip-hop, pop, or rap. Basically the upbeat stuff played really loud. It’s club music. Even better if it has a huge bass drop. It will be played loud, so if you wanna talk to someone, try doing it on the other side of the room of the speakers. And if your ears are really sensitive, you can bring earplugs.

Crazy people are crazy fun at college parties. They do the stuff most people won’t and are often referred to as crackheads. You’ll be telling stories about these people for a long while. But, it’s even more fun to be crazy. Source: I am a crackhead and you wouldn’t believe half of my stories if I told you.

bike on a flagpole
This bike raised on a flagpole is just one example of the crazy stuff crackheads like me do when we’re sober. Can you even imagine what’s possible when we’re drunk? The answer is everything. Everything’s possible.

People you don’t know are also fun at parties. It’s fun to meet new and interesting people and swap some crazy stories. Plus, they’re hard to predict if they are the crackheads. I always get at least one number when I go to parties. It’s more fun that way.