Things to do before college

What to do before College starts?

Alright, so you’ve moved in and unless you went to college in your hometown, you probably don’t know too many people or places around. Classes don’t start for a few days or possibly over a week. Should you just sit around all day watching Netflix? Spend your time counting the number of specs on the ceiling? Get addicted to online Tetris (based on a true story)? No, no, and maybe.

Organize your room

You’re going to be living there for a while. May as well get comfortable with your own stuff. Under this step, you can set up your TV, put up your string lights, loft your bed, put everything in drawers, etc. Just make sure your room doesn’t look messy. A messy room leads to problems down the road.

Get to know your roommate(s)

Maybe you don’t have any, which can be a blessing or a curse, or maybe you have five. Either way, you should learn their names, interests, habits, etc. I mean, these people have a key to your home… Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing them? It’s also important to lay down some ground rules. For me and my roommate, it was no masturbating in the shower, be quiet when the other is sleeping, and let the other know when you’re getting lucky in the room.

Get to know your neighbors

You don’t have to get nearly as deep with your neighbors. But, if they’re chill and you become friends with them, it’s always easy to hang out because y’all are so close. If there’s a game on TV that you want to watch, you have a short walk to watch it with friends, drink, etc. My best friends in college came from down the hall. I even dated a couple of them.

Make new friends

You may already have some high school friends and it’s cool if you want to hang out with them, but you should also expand your friend circle. You’ll probably want more than you had in high school because you have more free time and everyone’s schedule is very different. You’ll make a few in your classes too, but don’t be afraid to talk to someone new in line, at the dining hall, or one of the legendary week before school parties.


Even if it isn’t your thing, try it out. You don’t yet have grades to worry about, an 8 AM to get up for, or club meetings that conflict. The best parties seem to occur later in the school year, but these are still pretty great. Plus, you don’t have to go knowing anyone already because most people won’t either. Just be careful if you don’t know your limits drinking.

Find a 21+ friend

Most people drink in college before they’re of legal age. If you find an alc plug, then it will be easy for you to should you ever decide. Plus these people have usually been here for a while and know the bars, bistros, and brunch places. Basically, they’ve mastered college. And if you use them to get you drinks, drink safely.

Get them digits

Just get used to connecting to people through this. Whether you want to date, hook up, hang out, or all of the above, you should get used to asking a girl (or guy) for their number. I don’t have a snap, so I always ask for a number, but you can replace that with snap or insta and run into no problems. Here’s a little tip: there’s about a 1% chance that someone won’t give you their number if you ask. I’ve yet to be denied when I ask.

Grab the free food

All semester-long, there will be free food all over campus for some event, organization, etc. The beginning will especially have tons of it. And, it’s likely better than the food you’ll get at most dining halls. And my advice is and always will be to score the free food when and where you can.