finals week

What to expect for finals week

Finals week is a stressful time in college and very different from your AP tests and finals in high school. Everyone handles finals week differently, so try your best to be happy and work hard. Also, see if my tips on coasting in your classes will help you.

The Good: Finals week

Finals week will replace your usual classes with exams and typically eliminate any homework and other assignments that you may have. This means you have a lot more time in your day. Unfortunately, you may be studying for most of that time. You can also spend this time with your friends or napping.

Your university will undoubtedly offer lots of helpful services during finals week. Sometimes it might be free food, extended library hours, extra free tutors, etc. Your professors will also offer help such as additional office hours, short study sessions, and increased TA availability.

You may also see your grades curved, your assignments dropped, and extra credit opportunities offered around this time. This is when professors start to really look at their grading scales and compare them to year’s past. Don’t bank on this happening, but the good news is always welcomed.

The Bad: Finals week

Stress will likely be at an all-time high during this week. I’ve had classes where the final was worth half my grade. And some professors will replace your entire grade with your score if you do better than you were doing in the class. This amounts to a lot of pressure if you’re not taking only blow-off classes or on the border of the grade you want.

The worst part about these tests is that the curves will most likely be lower. People will know what type of questions to expect, have relearned the material they missed before, and study harder. There are also more double-checkers during this week and everyone has perfected their cheating strategy. Also, depending on the course, many underperforming students will have dropped the class, raising the average.

Finally, studying may take up a lot of time. The average student spends up to 13 hours studying depending on their university. For harder majors, it’s even more time. This means you may be too busy to hang with your friends, nap, have sex, or whatever you like to do with your free time. If you spend a ton of time in your dorm, make sure you have the essentials

The Ugly: Finals week

Your grades. Boom, roasted. Now, hopefully, this isn’t you, but your grades may come out looking rather ugly after finals week or even before it. I’ve had friends (yes, multiple) that needed to get 110% of the questions correct on a final to pass and they didn’t realize until it was too late.

Also, almost every student will be looking kinda ugly. People don’t have time to do their make-up, may forget to shower, and stress eat. It’s really not a pretty picture. And to be honest, I can’t blame some of them. Physics E&M is enough torture for me to spread state secrets; my appearance may not be on the top of my priority list during finals week.

How to kill it during finals week

If you’ve been killing it all year, just keep killing it. If finals week has you stressed because you’re behind the 8-ball, then follow the advice of someone who has nailed it before. And if you’re reading this article during your finals week, there’s only one more article you should read before you get back to studying. How to ace your finals is a comprehensive, but simple guide based on research and personal experience. Use it to your advantage and let’s take on the world!

What to expect for finals week