xanax and alcohol

Xanax and Alcohol

Xanax and Alcohol comprise the majority of stimulant use on campus. Xanax from what I’ve seen is used even more than weed. And Alcohol is the easiest to get and even legal for a lot of college students. I’ll be going over my recommendations in this article whether you want to stay clear or consume plenty. And don’t mix Xanax and alcohol!


Many students turn to Xanax to help them study, stop a bad LSD trip, or relieve anxiety. Unfortunately, Xanax is not helpful for studying. Yes, lots of students use it instead of Adderall, because Adderall raises your stress levels. But hey, we’re just dumb college kids. I don’t recommend it for a study aid. And since we’re on the subject, Adderall isn’t very helpful unless you are hyperactive. If taking LSD, it may be a good idea to carry a Xanax with you. If you start panicking, the Xanax will help relieve it. Finally, Xanax does relieve stress and anxiety, but it isn’t as good as sex, weed, or alcohol. You are less likely to be caught with it.


We’ve already covered drinking responsibly, so let’s talk about what alcohol does. It relieves stress, but you shouldn’t use it to constantly escape your problems. Just if you want to kick back and relax. It also makes you feel warm. Hence, some of my friends will start stripping when they get liquored up. It also is a liquid, so if you’re a heavyweight like me, you’ll need to piss quite a bit. And it impairs your judgment. Beer Goggles are a real thing, so be careful who you flirt with while drunk. In the morning, you may regret it.

In my opinion, alcohol is more fun. Maybe, it’s because I enjoy drinking games or maybe because I can handle my liquor. However, my stoner friends prefer smoking for whatever reason. But every real party has alcohol, not everyone has drugs.

How to score Xanax

The first way to do this would be to try and get your own prescription, but you may end up getting a prostate exam instead. A lot of people who already have prescriptions will sell them too, so you can go around and if anyone looks anxious, ask them if they’re selling xans (you could get arrested). There’s also plenty of sketchy websites that you can try that may rip you off. Therefore, the easiest way is to find someone who is selling. Ask your friends if they know any dealers and eventually you’ll find one.

How to score Alcohol

Alcohol is a lot easier to get because it’s legal for a lot more people. You can try getting a fake ID, there are a few good sellers. But, it can take months, you might get scammed, it could be a crappy print, etc. And then, you could go to a liquor store or gas station and get it taken up, have to pay a bribe, or even caught by a cop. You could try going to a sketchy gas station and buying it without a fake. If asked, say you forgot your ID. This works for me pretty well because at 18, I looked 28 and almost never got carded at a gas station. However, the best method is to just make friends with someone who is 21 and will buy you drinks. Also, a surprisingly large amount of parents will buy their kids and their friends alcohol. Basically, it’s easy to get drunk on campus- just find a 21.

How to say no to drugs and drinks

Not everyone wants to drink or do drugs. That’s fine. There are a lot of excuses if you don’t have the courage to just say no or if someone keeps adding pressure. Here are some of the ones I’ve heard that do work:

  • Sorry, I’m the DD (Designated Driver)
  • Nah, I have a rule that I only do it x times a week/month
  • I would, but I have an early class tomorrow
  • My girlfriend would kill me
  • I’m trying to quit
  • I’ve been sober for a few months now
  • I prefer x
  • I can’t, my family is in town
  • I told x I’d be their sober buddy
  • I have too much homework to do after this
  • I can’t drink on my meds
  • I told myself I wouldn’t until I got my grades up
  • I’m taking a semester clean

So there are a ton of reasonable excuses to not drink or take drugs. Don’t feel pressured to do Xanax and alcohol. And if you’re uncomfortable, then leave.